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Muench Orthodontics, PC Reviews

Our mission at Muench Orthodontics is simple: To Serve Others. Each and every time you visit our office, we want you to agree, hands down, it was the best experience you ever had at ANY medical or dental office. Period. Concerned about cost? In addition to accepting ALL insurances, get low down payments, low monthly payments, and 0% financing. Need flexible scheduling? We guarantee you’ll never need to miss time from work or school. Worried about pain? Cutting-edge technology like Damon Braces and Insignia assure nearly pain-free treatment: no headgear, no palate expanders, no painful extractions. Worried about risk? Get our written Lifetime Guarantee: never pay for braces twice. Unparalleled service….Simply Spectacular Smiles. (607) 785-3005.

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"This was our third visit. Each time I am more impressed with the way they show care about my son. They talk to him about how things are going, the weather, whatever. It makes him feel important as he is going through this tough transition of being "the kid with braces in his mouth". I couldn't be more pleased."

Review Verified on 2/12/2016
"I love this office and the staff was very friendly. They came up with a plan a great price and is getting the work done immediately. I wouldn't have chosen any other place for my son to be seen."

Review Verified on 2/11/2016
"I didn't expected them to be off a so early and they turned out great! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 2/11/2016
"I didn't expected them to be off a so early and they turned out great! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 2/11/2016
"10+ Dr Muench always makes room for you and is kind and very professional. Office staff is just as good. Office is very pleasant and you get a very friendly feeling. I recommend Dr. Muench very highly. Two years later and I still get compliments on my smile. Thank you Dr. Muench!"

Review Verified on 2/10/2016
"Staff very nice, and very professional. No waiting, and fast getting an appointment."

Review Verified on 2/9/2016
"I got my braces off! I love my new smile!! My snaggle tooth came down into place with the others and my gap, where a dentist removed a tooth from when I was a child, was filled in with the tooth behind it! I can't believe how great my teeth look. I have been getting so many compliments on my teeth!!"

Review Verified on 2/9/2016
"We were well informed and communicated with during William's treatment. Dr. Muench was dedicated, honest, and caring. Thank you for taking awesome attention to detail in my care!!!!!"

Review Verified on 2/9/2016
"The staff was amazing, loved attending my oppointments, I always felt welcome and comfortable. I had my braces for almost 2 years and didn't have any issues, it was an experience I will always remember."

Review Verified on 1/28/2016
"Teeth feel much better, can eat a little better too."

Review Verified on 1/26/2016
"I enjoyed coming here and I loved that the service here was very friendly! You did a very good job with everything you did! Thank you for fixing my smile!"

Review Verified on 1/21/2016
"The most friendly and welcoming staff I have ever seen!"

Review Verified on 1/14/2016
"Wonderful office. Made my son feel so welcome and comfortable. Included him in everything and was a great experience for both of us. Loved the office and staff and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Review Verified on 1/14/2016
"This is my first experience with orthodontics and I could not have asked for anything better. Everyone on staff was friendly and knowledgeable. When I walked out my boys said "I really like this place!""

Review Verified on 1/9/2016
"Always friendly and on time!"

Review Verified on 1/8/2016
"I had braces for less than two years and they really fixed my teeth!"

Review Verified on 1/7/2016
"I needed an adjustment, and was able to stop in - literally - within minutes of calling. The assistant made sure I was stocked up with any supplies I needed for comfort."

Review Verified on 12/23/2015
"You guys did great and I love the outcome! It was worth it!"

Review Verified on 12/21/2015
"Had braces put on yesterday by an excellent orthodontist. He and his associates are just wonderful. Glad I choose Muench Orthodontic to do my orthodontic work."

Review Verified on 12/17/2015
"You all took the time to make sure you had all that was needed for the best possible results from my treatment. And everyone was very nice, very professional. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 12/17/2015
"Appointments were very quick and worked well with my schedule. Everyone is very friendly and effective in their work."

Review Verified on 12/17/2015
"The treatment was very quick and as painless as possible for me. Everyone is really kind here and is happy to help whenever they can. Thank you so much for the straight teeth!"

Review Verified on 12/16/2015
"We truly appreciate what Dr. Muench, Renee, and Joanne did for us yesterday. They had Lyndsey comfortable and looked relaxed while applying the braces on top. They educated both Lyndsey and us regarding the importance of her caring for her teeth and braces. Thanks to Joanne for telling me about putting gloves on Lyndsey at night to try and break her habit of thumb sucking. Thank you again and we will see you again in 2016."

Review Verified on 12/11/2015
"It was a very good experience! My teeth are perfect!!"

Review Verified on 12/10/2015
"My son and l were both extremely pleased with our entire visit. From the moment we walked in we were treated very respectfully and everyone was very warm and friendly. Dr. Muench was very thoughtful and sensitive to my son's fears and took extra precautions to make him feel comfortable. l was very pleased with how Dr. Muench did not make me feel rushed when he explained things and he allowed me time to ask questions (and never made me feel dumb). He answered my questions very professionally and clearly. l could not have been happier with our visit! The other people who took care of my son there were very nice, encouraging, and patient with him too. l felt like they were very genuine in their care for him."

Review Verified on 12/10/2015
"I was very pleased with how we were greeted by JoAnn. My daughters didn't even have time to sit down before they were brought back to be evaluated. Was very satisfied with the experience. Heather"

Review Verified on 12/8/2015
"So professional and talking to us in plain English. Dr. Muench really impressed us by simply explaining everything he was going to do with braces to our 10 yr. old daughter."

Review Verified on 12/7/2015
"Yesterday's appointment went GREAT!!! Getting very close to the end of my treatment and I am VERY pleased with the results."

Review Verified on 12/4/2015
"They were all very nice and I love how my teeth and turned out!"

Review Verified on 11/24/2015
"Our first visit was wonderful. All the staff are warm and friendly, and made my son feel very comfortable and at ease. The office was beautiful and extremely clean. There's a whole sterilization room and their very own laboratory. We were very impressed!"

Review Verified on 11/20/2015
"I really liked it here. The atmosphere made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!!"

Review Verified on 11/18/2015
"Excellent service and Very informative."

Review Verified on 11/12/2015
"We have been to multiple orthodontists and this is the first office I did not feel pressured. I have been in the search for the last couple of years for an orthodontist that I felt had my daughter’s best interest at heart and not about the amount of money that they could get out of the process. Dr. Muench sat right down with my daughter and asked her the questions! He made us feel very welcome. Joann also is a great asset to the office. It was very nice seeing a familiar face. I walked out of there knowing this was the right place to work with. I finally had that feeling of ease finally!!! We will start the process in the beginning of next month and the process should only take a year! I have also recommended Dr. Muench’s office to several coworkers!!!"

Review Verified on 11/12/2015
"I got my braces on in April of 2014, thinking they would be on for about a year, but I ended up having them on for 18 months, as expected. I was a little hesitant of having so much brace in my mouth for that long. It was weird at first, with all the gum cuts and stuff. But they quickly grew on me and weren't a problem, except for the first few months that I had the "turbos" on my upper two front teeth to help my teeth move where they needed to. Everything I said had a little bit of a lithp. Once I got those off it was basically just wearing bands till I was home free. It's now November of 2015 and now that they're off and my teeth are more perfect than I'd ever thought they would be I can now say that the year and a half of braces was COMPLETELY WORTH IT. I've tried recommending this to my cousin but she's too stubborn to even think about braces. Overall I give Dr. Muench an A++ with an extra gold star sticker. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 11/12/2015
"Everyone was very helpful and incredibly nice. You all put my daughter at ease, thank you!"

Review Verified on 11/11/2015
"Excellent, friendly, informative staff."

Review Verified on 11/4/2015
"He did a great job!! Very happy!:)"

Review Verified on 10/29/2015
"Everyone is thoughtful and accommodating. Service provided on time and no rushing. Office environment is homey and soothing. Dr. is very knowledgeable yet approachable and down-to-earth."

Review Verified on 10/29/2015
"Good work!"

Review Verified on 10/28/2015
"Was very impressed with my first visit, felt at home with the staff and the doctor."

Review Verified on 10/27/2015
"The people were friendly and helpful. A truly great experience!"

Review Verified on 10/15/2015
"All the staff are extremely welcoming and friendly!!"

Review Verified on 10/9/2015
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