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Muench Orthodontics, PC Reviews

Our mission at Muench Orthodontics is simple: To Serve Others. Each and every time you visit our office, we want you to agree, hands down, it was the best experience you ever had at ANY medical or dental office. Period. Concerned about cost? In addition to accepting ALL insurances, get low down payments, low monthly payments, and 0% financing. Need flexible scheduling? We guarantee you’ll never need to miss time from work or school. Worried about pain? Cutting-edge technology like Damon Braces and Insignia assure nearly pain-free treatment: no headgear, no palate expanders, no painful extractions. Worried about risk? Get our written Lifetime Guarantee: never pay for braces twice. Unparalleled service….Simply Spectacular Smiles. (607) 785-3005.

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"Excellent service. Wonderful staff, I highly recommend Dr. MUENCH."

Review Verified on 6/3/2015
"This was my initial visit and I found that Dr. Muench and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They went out of there way to make me feel at home and they are willing to work with me on a payment that will fit into my budget. I'm looking forward to my new smile. More to come!"

Review Verified on 5/28/2015
"It was great!"

Review Verified on 5/27/2015
"I had braces for about four years and throughout my treatment Dr. Muench was very friendly and encouraging, as was the staff. His office is really comfortable and has a warm and friendly atmosphere. All together the treatment that Dr. Muench offers is outstanding and I now have a beautiful smile!"

Review Verified on 5/26/2015
"Everyone was so helpful and nice. I was able to get my appointment done fast and easy."

Review Verified on 5/13/2015
"They did an amazing job!"

Review Verified on 5/12/2015
"Julie and I were very happy with how her scan went, we enjoyed watching the scan. We are both very pleased with staff they explain everything very well and we also like Dr. Muench bedside manner he is very caring and explains things well."

Review Verified on 5/11/2015
"I was so pleased to be included when she had her scan done it was very interesting. I don't have a face book page."

Review Verified on 5/11/2015
"Julie was very pleased with her appointment."

Review Verified on 5/11/2015
"Awesome job as always. Great ortho services as well as fantastic customer service."

Review Verified on 5/10/2015
"I have been very happy with the care that Dr. Muench and his staff have given to both of my kids. My family have been patients of Dr. Muench for several years and I have been very happy with the results. In addition to the care, his staff are friendly and courteous and easy to work with (scheduling, payments, etc.). Dr. Muench is clearly passionate about what he does and it shows. I would recommend Dr. Muench to any family investigating orthodontic care."

Review Verified on 5/10/2015
"Chris enjoyed his visits with dr. Muench and all the staff! It was a great experience and his teeth are beautiful! Thank you ! We will be back soon with little brother Jonathan"

Review Verified on 5/10/2015
"Dr. Muench and family have always been a comfort, helpful office to deal with. My daughter was very nervous and Dr. Muench put that right to rest with the kind words and positive outcomes through the last year of service. I wouldn't take my daughter anywhere else. Thank you again Muench Orthodontics!!"

Review Verified on 5/8/2015
"I had (2) children at Muench Orthodontics simultaneously and the office staff and Dr. Muench could not have been more accommodating in setting appointments around their school and sports schedules. As far as their orthodontic treatment, they both had separate issues regarding missing teeth, and by the end of their treatment, they did not need any implants as Dr. Muench moved their teeth expertly so they look just great!!! I highly recommend this practice. Wonderful experience!!!"

Review Verified on 5/8/2015
"Friendly and courteous staff. My children are always happy to go to their appointments and they love seeing Dr.Muench. The office is conveniently located. I have been very satisfied with all our services that we've received and would highly recommend Dr. Muench."

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"It was a great experiance."

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"Dr. Muench and his team are always efficient and on time. The first time I went there, they helped relieve my fear of getting braces. And when I got them off, they were just as excited as I was. I'm so glad my parents chose Dr. Muench as my orthodontist because it was so much more painless than I ever anticipated."

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"Dr. Muench and staff are amazing!!! They are so personable and friendly! My children look forward to going to their appointments, even if it was for an adjustment! I recommend Dr. Muench to anyone that asks about orthodontics."

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"We had a nice visit yesterday. Dr Muench was very pleasant and nice. We appreciated his conservative nature by not needing another set of oral x-rays at this time. Daniel was very nervous about going to the appointment and he was very comfortable with Dr Muench. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 5/5/2015
"Wonderful experience, always felt welcomed and taken care of, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!"

Review Verified on 5/4/2015
"Always a pleasure to come see dr Munech and his staff."

Review Verified on 4/29/2015
"I love how my teeth turned out at the end !!!! I'm glad that my parents and I chose Muench orthodontics."

Review Verified on 4/28/2015
"Always a pleasure to go to Dr. Muench!! Elizabeth's progress is going well, and we're going to be very excited to see the outcome... Thanks Dr. Muench!!"

Review Verified on 4/22/2015
"Always a pleasure to come to Dr. Muench!!"

Review Verified on 4/22/2015
"We brought our daughter to Dr Muench for her braces and we had also had several other consults and Muench orthodontics was her decision. They worked with our down payment and also with what worked for us with the remaining balance. She has a beautiful smile that she likes to show off now. When it was time for our son to get his braces we didn't even look anywhere else. We knew we wanted to go there automatically. We are looking forward to our sons results now."

Review Verified on 4/17/2015
"Everyone was very helpful and nice. The appointment was fast and easy."

Review Verified on 4/17/2015
"Our son's teeth look wonderful! Thank you Dr Muench! Dr Muench and his staff are friendly and welcoming. They are flexible and have always tried to accommodate our schedule. We love that Dr Muench does a lot of the work himself; it doesn't feel like an assembly line."

Review Verified on 4/9/2015
"As always, a nice appointment for Nick."

Review Verified on 4/8/2015
"My teeth look perfect and it was a very short time compared to most other people. I'm very happy with how my teeth came out."

Review Verified on 4/8/2015
"You guys did great. I wouldn't have chosen any other place. I am very happy with what you did. Thank you."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"My daughter was very apprehensive about going to the orthodontis for the first time. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. They were able calm her fears and make it an easy experience for all of us! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2015
"Very nice people there and can work around your busy schedules love the quality of their service"

Review Verified on 4/2/2015
"Initial consult - everyone was very kind and professional, very impressed with the great use of technology and very excited to start treatment! :)"

Review Verified on 3/27/2015
"We had a great comprehensive visit.! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 3/20/2015
"Great experience! All the staff are amazing!"

Review Verified on 3/18/2015
"I think you did great! I love my teeth and couldn't be happier! I'm surprised how fast I got them off. The people here were very nice and friendly! Thanks you so much!!"

Review Verified on 3/17/2015
"I am very happy with my braces right now. Doctor Muench and Joanne are very nice and tell me exactly what to do."

Review Verified on 3/17/2015
"Love it!!!"

Review Verified on 3/15/2015
"The staff and the Dr are superb to work with. My daughter is getting the best care and a great deal of encouragement. Thank you for the proffessional care and ease we feel when we have visits."

Review Verified on 3/6/2015
"He is very nice and cares about his patients"

Review Verified on 3/4/2015
"Dr.Muench and his assistant(s) are very nice, even when your not doing the very best. They listen to you so they can understand how they can fix your issue yet still making you happy. I had a wire move on me and cut my cheek when I chewed. And when I went back he listened to me and fixed the problem."

Review Verified on 3/4/2015
"If your pet is ill, you take it to the vet. If your car is in need of service, you go to the mechanic. Opting out of using an orthodontist to have your teeth realigned is like taking your dog to the mechanic for a check up. Stick with the specialists."

Review Verified on 3/4/2015
Reviews 505 - 546 of 612

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